Addiction is basically any behavior or substance that you are bound to.

People do not just break free from addiction when they feel like, it is an obsessive and compulsive disorder that requires a lot of factors to be implemented, before the individual can bid addiction goodbye.

Addiction has the capacity to impact a dominant influence on the brain.

Overcoming addiction is feasible, however, it is a long and complex process. At first, it was deduced that people who were addicted were those who lacked self-discipline and willpower.

However, it was discovered it was beyond their control because addiction was discovered to be a chronic disease.

There is no one who would want to be intentionally addicted. However, a good number of people are ensnared in this problem.

There are different causes of addiction, however, the major factor is the reward system of the brain. When an addictive activity or behavior has been engaged, the brain receives a form of reward.

So from time to time, the brain requests this reward and addicted individuals are obliged to fulfill this appeal. An addiction can be caused by environmental factors.

This happens when individuals are compelled to engage in an abuse act or take an abusive substance because their peers are doing it.

An environment that engages in addictive activity would have an influence on people who are there.

Addiction could also be caused by the genetic factor. If an individual comes from a family that has the history of being addicted, he or she could get caught up in it.

Most likely, his or her parents would show some addictive tendencies, and the individual might follow suit.

Some psychological factors like stress, depression and anxiety can also be responsible for addiction.

A good number of people have this faux belief that, when you are stressed, depressed or unnecessarily anxious, it is best to undergo a repetitive interesting hobby to take your mind of it.

Other people would suggest that you take a particular substance to feel better.

These pieces of advice only work in the short-run, because they are not the right steps to take. The best way to deal with mental health problems, is to see a counselor or therapist.

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