What are the effects of addiction

Addiction, which has been accurately identified to be a disease, has been found to come with unpleasant effects on the human body. When these effects or signs are recognized, it becomes easier to provide the individual with the right help they need.

The effects of addiction can be divided into three: psychological, social, and physical.

Psychological Effects

This occurs when the person finds it challenging to stop using addictive substances or indulging in addictive habits.

They will attempt it many times but would be unsuccessful. Sometimes, they may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that will force them back to their addiction.

In some cases, even if they have health issues, they will continue in their addiction not minding the possible complicated effects. They often feel the need to carry out their addictive habit or take the substance to handle their problems.

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Social Effects

Addiction can affect the way a person socializes with other people. For instance, the person might turn down an important social gathering so that they can have enough time for their addictive habits.

Someone who is addicted to alcohol might not attend a party where alcohol isn’t served. When they notice that their addictive habit won’t be fueled at any gathering, they prefer not to go.

In the long run, some of them begin to drop off activities and hobbies that were previously interesting to them.

Also, some addicted persons might begin to practice isolation and secrecy. They will prevent anyone from getting into their private space so that they won’t be found out.

Physical Effects

When it comes to physical effects, they are also physical symptoms you can notice when a person is addicted. There might be drastic changes in weight, appetite loss, insomnia or somnolence, increase in tolerance, observable physical defects, etc.

When a person discovers that they are showing some of these effects or signs, they may be pointers that addiction is in play. Hence, they should seek help from a therapist or an addiction counselor.

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